From Pineapples to Pink Sands…. A Taste of Mainland Eleuthera

Eleuthera Beach

Eleuthera is a little piece of paradise, complete with stunning ocean views, powder-fine-rose-quartz-colored sand, the sweetest pineapples that you may have ever tasted, and a peaceful energy that encourages complete relaxation. Its beauty is punctuated by natural wonders like the Glass Window Bridge and the warm hospitality that The Bahamas is known for. But, the island truly shines when it comes to amazing food.

Mainland Eleuthera has a strong mix of down-home, traditional Bahamian cuisine, fine-dining and casual bars serving up sweet Gully Wash (condensed milk, fresh coconut water & gin) and Bahamian Vices (half pina-colada, half mango daiquiri). Below are a few gems that serve up flavorful dishes with stunning, picture-perfect views.

Governors Harbour View

1648 (Governor’s Harbour) – 1648 is located at the French Leave Resort, and offers a diverse menu of fresh seafood, Bahamian fusion cuisine, and indulgent pastas, pizzas, soups and more. It is positioned right on the water and their breakfast and lunch offerings are more casual, while their dinner menu is ideal for a family island style fine-dining experience.


Tippy’s (Governor’s Harbour) – Tippy’s offers tasty, laid back dining with direct access to the beach. And, while Harbour Island is the most popular spot to experience Eleuthera’s famous pink-sands, some days the beach off of Tippy’s can also treat visitors to a rosy hue. Located next to the Pineapple Fields Resort, Tippy’s has a rotating menu of freshly caught seafood and in-season fare.

Da Perk

Da Perk (Governor’s Harbour) – Da Perk is a small coffee shop positioned in the heart of Governor’s Harbour. Like many of the restaurants on this list, it has stunning waterfront views and is a great spot for a bit of caffeine and a hearty breakfast or brunch.

Buccaneer Club (Governor’s Harbour) – The Buccaneer Club has delicious Bahamian food, friendly service, and is a great stop for a traditional Bahamian breakfast, including rich stew fish, boil fish, and chicken souse.

Sammys Place

Sammy’s Place (Rock Sound) –Sammy’s Place was opened on Boxing Day almost 30 years ago, and the one-and-only Sammy is often there with a smile and a story to tell. This unassuming restaurant serves up no-frills, traditional Bahamian food that is consistently delightful. Be sure to say ‘hi’ to Sammy, if you stop by.

Seaside Breeze

Seaside Breeze (Tarpum Bay) – Seaside Breeze is a great spot to unwind with a cocktail, by the water. With unobstructed ocean views, this bar and restaurant certainly lives up to its name. The in-water swing is also an Instagram worthy photo spot.

These are just a few of the amazing food stops on mainland Eleuthera. But, this stunning destination often yields many more welcome surprises and little known spots if you choose to spend a day exploring the length of the island.

Pro-Tip: If you spot a small pastry shop or a street-side vendor while driving throughout Eleuthera, consider taking a look. Sometimes the best Bahamian pastries and sweets can be found at the most unassuming spots. 

BMOT Island Hopping Eleuthera- Harbour Island

Thinking about island hopping once on mainland Eleuthera? You can catch a short ferry/water taxi ride to Harbour Island and/or Spanish Wells from Northern Eleuthera for about $5 per person, one way. You can also take a day trip from Nassau into Harbour Island or Spanish Wells via Bahamas Fast Ferries for approximately $180 per person, round trip.