Many of the attractions here are rife with history. You can explore Hamilton's Cave, one of the largest in The Bahamas—with over 10-foot-high ceilings—where a pre-Columbian gallery with Amerindian drawings was discovered in 1935. Hike up to the monument commemorating Columbus’ landfall, high atop a cliff at the northern end of the island. Adderley's Plantation ruins stand as a reminder of the island's past, together with other old great houses, some with chimneys still intact and walls with colonial graffiti. Clarence Town is noted for its beautiful twin churches located on two hilltops: St. Paul's Anglican Church, and St. Peter’s & St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, both built by Father Jerome. The major hotels and a few tour companies provide organized tours upon request. There is also the option to rent a car, pick up a map and go off on your own.