The western side of Andros is virtually unapproachable by boat due to the tricky shoals, but the eastern side is accessible and very scenic. Boaters will enjoy cruising through the "Bahama Blue" waters, over the coral reefs and past pristine beaches and colorful towns. The interior is a nice challenge for smaller craft to navigate the hundreds of lakes, creeks and bights (rivers) separating South Andros, Mangrove Cay, and Central and North Andros. If you want to hang out with the locals on land, you’ll have several places to drop anchor. The marina at Kamalame Cay in Stanyard Creek, North Andros, offers eight slips. Docking facilities are also available at public Government Docks throughout the island: Morgan’s Bluff, North Andros; Fresh Creek, Central Andros; Lisbon Creek, Mangrove Cay; and Drigg’s Hill, South Andros.