For some travelers, off-season gives them all the feels. Their favorite destination is empty, the streets that are usually littered with tourists are now empty, their favorite stores no longer have lines and service is quicker than usual. Traveling during off-season is a thing and for most travelers it’s the best time to travel because it’s also cheaper. Luckily for travelers, we’re a destination of all seasons; there’s always something to do in The Bahamas. Check out a list of exciting things to do across The Bahamas.



  • Tour the Blue Hole National Park: This park has over 70 blue holes and two have been made accessible to the public. Pack a picnic basket and make a day out of it; because of the path a four-wheel drive vehicle is needed to access, Captain Bill’s and Cousteau’s blue holes. Capt. Bill’s is 440 in circumference and 100 feet deep, the surroundings allow you to make a full day out of this adventure.We dare you to take a leap into Capt. Bills from the 15-foot platform.
  • Bird Watching: If you’ve ever been to Andros, it takes you less than two seconds to realize that this isn’t The Bahamas, you thought you knew.. Andros is for nature lovers with miles of empty beaches, coppice forests and copious opportunities to interact with extraordinary birds. Andros has over 286 species of birds and 6 of 7 species are endemic to The Bahamas. You can either go birding solo if you’re an expert or you can opt to go birding with one of the many guides. The choice is yours. 
  • Snorkeling: If it’s winter where you are, the waters in The Bahamas are a treat for you and it’s still a perfect time to snorkel and dive in Andros. The Andros Barrier reef is the third largest fringing barrier reef in the world and it never moves so there are opportunities to snorkel and dive all year round.
  • Camping: Yes, you read this right. In other countries, this is the perfect time to camp and why should The Bahamas be any different? As mentioned Andros is home to several coppice forests which is the perfect ingredient for camping minus a few bears. You can camp on the west side of the Blue Hole National Park, courtesy of The Bahamas National Trust which has setup camps sites with storyboards that describe the surrounding eco-systems.

Grand Bahama



  • Experience Freeport from a Tesla: The world’s fastest, safest and most technologically advance electric vehicle is in Freeport and ready to take you on a scenic adventure throughout Freeport Island. For $125 USD, you and your crew can get transferred to and from the Freeport Harbor, around the entire island. The best part is watching as your very own driver uses his cell phone to beckon the Tesla X.
  • Learn about the origins of Bush Tea: Grum Ma’s House, located next to the historic St Vincent De Paul Catholic Church is one of the more popular locations in Freeport. Here at Grum Ma’s House you can immerse yourself in everything The Bahamas has to offer more importantly Freeport. They offer hands on activities, Bahamian Bush tea lessons and other fun Bahamian culture activities.
  • Tour and Sip: Did anyone say off-season? For the Sands beer brewery tour, this is probably the best time to tour a brewery, after all you can possibly have it all to yourself. During your tour of the Bahamian Brewery, you’ll watch how Jimmy and friends create the popular beers through a 25-step process from malt to beer and then the best part is tasting.
  • Explore Ben’s Cave: Sometimes you need a day to yourself exploring the hidden gems that a destination has to offer. But as much as we advise you to go off and explore things at your own pace and discretion, it’s best to explore this cave with an experienced diver. If you are indeed diving, the story that is waiting to be explored is amazing!

San Salvador 

Dixon Hill

  • Lagoon Tour: If you’re on San Salvador during slow or even busy season you’re lucky to witness one of the best beauties in The Bahamas but, besides that, taking a lagoon tour should be on the top of your list. This tour rides through Pigeon Creek National Park and guests are treated to the natural beauty of the island. At the end of the tour, you have a secluded beach all to yourself.
  • Climb Dixon Hill Lighthouse: Built in the mid-1800s, this is one of only 3 remaining manually operated lighthouses in the world. It sits on Dixon Hill, an old plantation which was previously owned by loyalists. Put on your climbing shoes and hike to the top of the lighthouse which offers some of the best views on the island.
  • Guanahani Dive: Reason #257335 to visit San Salvador, taking full advantage of some incredible diving. The island was recently ranked the number three dive spot in the world by Dive Magazine and Scuba Magazine, with a wall dive that drops down over 1600 meters, there’s a reason everyone is headed to San Salvador to dive.
  • Visit Watlings Castle: If you’re a history buff then you’ll absolutely love the history wrapped in this 18th century plantation. Nestled on top of a hill in the south of the island, this castle was once used by Pirate John Watling as a base for operating. Discover the rooms that were once used as sleeping quarters, the main house kitchen and where they store crops. Oh yeah, and if you’re into birding we heard from a little birdie that this is a great place to bird watch!

Stay tuned for more off season activities to do across The Bahamas, in the meantime visit our deals page and see which deals suit you!