To “Sip Sip” on the Mainland or to “Sip Sip” by the Sea?

“Sip Sip” has long been a favorite dining spot on Harbour Island, a cay just a few minutes from North Eleuthera, by ferry.


The restaurant is known for its stunning views of the famous Pink Sand Beach; deliciously strong cocktails, and a menu full of fresh seafood and locally sourced seasonal ingredients.

Sip Sip Meal

Sip Sip’s owner, Julie Lightbourne, can often be seen donning her apron and greeting guests at the Harbour Island staple, which has been open for nearly two decades. The whimsically decorated restaurant features mermaid fixtures hanging from the ceiling and eclectic art pieces lining the bar. But, Sip Sip’s signature dishes, which include the must-try chipotle-lime crema and tropical salsa topped lobster quesadilla, as well as their rotating daily menu, are the stars of the restaurant.

For a number of years, visitors would have to travel to Harbour Island (also known as Briland, locally) to get a taste of Sip Sip’s all house-made fare, which has been described as Bahamian, with a twist. But, a few years ago, the Sip Sip brand took a few of their signature recipes and island charm to the Cove at Atlantis Resort, in New Providence.

Sip Sip’s Cove menu is still full of casual seafood dishes, refreshing drinks and warm hospitality, but the seafront views in Harbour Island have been replaced by a fun, yet relaxing pool vibe. The menu features Sip Sip favorites, like the spicy conch chil; the lobster quesadilla, which is so good, it deserves a second mention; the grouper “reuben” and a rotating menu of daily specials, much like its Harbour Island predecessor.

Sip Sip Meal

Sip Sip has spent nearly 20 years perfecting their recipes, and their menu reflects the restaurant’s commitment to using fresh ingredients, playing with unique flavors and textures, and bringing a bit of Bahamian flair to their dishes. No matter if diners choose to enjoy a glass of rum spiked Passion Fruit Sangria or homemade, butter toasted pecan ice cream with the ocean spray mist lingering in the air, or a smooth Sip Sip Sky Juice by the pool, this is one restaurant that should not be missed.

Sip Sip Drink

Make It a Day…Or Week: Harbour Island is a charming cay, filled with stunning beach views, amazing restaurants, and high-end boutique resorts alongside a taste of traditional Bahamian culture and family island charm. Sip Sip warrants the ferry ride over if staying in North Eleuthera, but Harbour Island is worth a visit all on its own.  



Nikia Wells
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