Stop in to the Long Island Museum to brush up on the history, culture and customs of Long Island which is dotted with plantation ruins, pretty villages, historic cottages and groupings of tiny, pristine white and bright blue Gothic churches at each settlement.

You can find here in the Museum how the homestead used to look in the old days before the conveniences of modern age took effect. Thatched roofs, oil lamps, goose irons, turbot skin scrubbers, mortar and pestles are reminiscent of the old days. You can also find straw work, sea shells, a history mural of Long island, the instruments used in Rake n. Scrape, Junkanoo costumes and a gift shop for you to purchase some good ole Long Island goodies made by the locals.
The museum is opened from 8:30a.m to 3:30p.m, they're closed on weekends & holidays.







Children 12 and under .50
Bahamians - $1.00
Non-Bahamians $3.00
Please add 12% Vat.

Queen's Highway
Contact Information:
Mrs. Patsy Cartwright
(242) 337-0500


Les tarifs sont sujets à changement à tout moment et le ministère du Tourisme des Bahamas, ou le gouvernement des Bahamas, ne sera pas tenu responsable des décisions prises sur la base de celui-ci.