Experience an adventure off the beaten path! Learn about the natural the natural formations of our land before you witness them for yourself. Take a short hike through the native and naturalized foliage to... Owl's Hole. Divers descend a 30 feet ladder into this still body of water. You'll explore the most interesting cavern on Grand Bahama whose inhabitants include, fresh water eels, shrimps the size of a large middle finger, gobies and mosquito fish. Whilst in this crystal clear body of water, you'll experience a halocline (density shift), and dive around an amazing pyramid of rocks that was once the ceiling of this amazing room. After this breath-taking dive, your guide will drive you to the coast and walk you through a heritage trail to Old Free Town, the first settlement of freed-slaves on Grand Bahama Island. Your adventure comes to a close with a packed lunch on an isolated dreamy beach.


3-hr adventure (Dive only) $119, 6-hr adventure (Full experience)$159

Grand Bahama Highway
Contact Information:
Shamie B. Rolle
(242) 727-1974


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