Custom strung pearl jewelry made exclusively for you. Home to fine hand crafted products made exclusively in the Bahamas. At Chevy's you can find: hand crafted jewelry made with hand picked and processed native seashells and the shell of the native coconut fruit. meticulously crafted hand bags made with hand picked and locally processed leave of the native palm tree. the Sisal plant and parts of the native coconut plant. Home decor items like paintings of our beautiful shoreline and landscapes and mini sculptures drawn and crafted by local Bahamian artisans.


$15.00 and up

Nassau Nassau & Paradise Island
Contact Information:
Chevette Williamson
(242) 395-8896
(242) 324-6726
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Les tarifs sont sujets à changement à tout moment et le ministère du Tourisme des Bahamas, ou le gouvernement des Bahamas, ne sera pas tenu responsable des décisions prises sur la base de celui-ci.