Bean soup and white rice

You can enjoy hot-off-the-stove dishes such as baked and steamed chicken, barbecued ribs, and pork chops, all served with your choice of sides, including baked macaroni, coleslaw, potato salad, and beets.
Friday is known as soup day, soups like bean soup, and peas soup.
Saturday is the only day of the week that they serve Bahamian breakfast like stewed fish, sheep tongue souse, chicken souse, and stewed conch. All meals served with homemade Johnny bread.


Breakfast $10.00/ $12.00 (Saturday's only).
Lunch $10.00/ $12.00
Drinks $1.00/ $3.00

Queen's Highway
Miller's Long Island
Contact Information:
Mrs. Theresa Miller
(242) 338-8954
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