Lighthouse restaurant exterior

Lighthouse Restaurant Bar and Grill is a full service  restaurant, located Lighthouse Rd,  Matthew Town,  Great Inagua.

Recently built,  the restaurant is octagon in its shape with clear views of the historical Lighthouse,  the ocean and sunset.

The restaurant can seat 60 persons on the inside.  The outside covered deck seats 25 person on each side for a total of 50 persons. The outside uncovered deck seats 20 persons on each side for the of 40 persons.

Lighthouse Restaurant Bar and Grill is equipped with commercial appliances which is operated by Chef Jacquleen A. Francis.  Chef Francis is a certified Culinarian from the University of the Bahamas.  Chef Francis specializes in Bahamian cuisine as well as exotic dishes; around the world.

Lighthouse Restaurant Bar and Grill hours of operation are from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm...with the exception of special events, 2:00 am. Reservations are welcome.

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