Pete Johnson creating one of his sculptures at his foundry in Little Harbour, Abaco, The Bahamas.

Little Harbour was settled by Randolph Johnston in 1951, with his wife Margot and their three sons, Bill, Denny and Pete. He sailed his schooner, "The Langosta," into the harbor and stated that its white beaches and clear water made this the perfect place to stop. The Johnstons set up house in their boat and a nearby cave, while building a thatched residence inland and eventually what is still the only bronze foundry in The Bahamas. The Johnston's story is portrayed in the book, Artist On His Island.

Today, the Johnston family legacy and presence are evident, and their children and grandchildren still reside in the compound as well-known artists and sculptors in their own right. The settlement remains remote, but has become familiar to many visitors who travel by boat or car to visit the Pub and the Gallery that were built by Pete Johnston.

Central Abaco
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