Birding Guide

Rinald Rolle, a Certified Advanced Bird Guide, is a member of the Bahamas National Trust and an ambassador for the environment, who advocates for the preservation of birds and their habitats. His hometown Andros boasts of being the home of our site endemic Bahama Oriole, and it is included in the four out of six national endemic species that can be found on the island.

It is also common to see other species on Andros include the Gray King Bird, a summer migrant, and the endemic Bahama Mockingbird.

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Birding Tours:
Half day - US$125 (two persons, $25 additional person, maximum 5 persons)
Full day - US$200 (two persons, $25 additional person, maximum 5 persons)

Contact Information:
Rinald Rolle
(242) 554-7191
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