How To Get Around

Most hotels on Acklins/Crooked Island provide transportation to and from the airport for their guests. Rental cars are available from local vendors and some hotels. Limited taxi service is available by telephone, and rates are fixed by law. Surcharges often apply for more than two persons and extra luggage. Bicycles are not generally available for rental, but may be provided by your hotel. There is a free twice-daily ferry service between Acklins and Crooked Island and on-demand charter service to Long Cay at $350.00 roundtrip.

Please Note

You must be 21 years old and possess a valid driver’s license for all rentals. Visitors may use their home driver’s license for up to three months or can apply for an international driver’s license if staying with us longer. But remember, when you take to the road, please keep to the left. Pedestrians should remember to first look right and then left before crossing streets.