The Deanery House
Downtown Nassau

Cumberland Street

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The Deanery, perhaps the oldest residence in The Bahamas, was acquired by the Anglican Church authorities in 1800 but is believed to have been built about 1710. The house is of three storeys and is built of stone with chamfered quoins. Verandas of three tiers were originally carried around the east, west, and north sides; the north side faces the sea. Originally there were three rooms in each of the two lower storeys and four in the third storey. Certain renovations have taken place but the basic structure of the house remains unchanged. The kitchen with its fireplace and domed brick oven originally occupied a separate building which still stands. At the north end of the outhouse which was known as the Slaves' quarters there are loopholes in lieu of windows in its western and northern walls.Information courtesy of the Department of Archives


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