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For more than a decade, The Bahamas Fly-in program has proven to be a very successful initiative for The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism and Aviation. The increased participation of pilots wanting to fly to The Islands Of The Bahamas prompted the Aviation Department to start a Bahamas Flying Ambassadors program.

Flying Ambassadors—seasoned private pilots with extensive experience in flying to and around The Islands Of The Bahamas—duplicate the efforts of The Bahamas aviation team.

Over the years, The Bahamas Flying Ambassador program has expanded to include experienced pilots in a variety of areas (including Light Sports Aircraft), allowing for new ideas, support, reach and energy, which each ambassador brings to the table.

Our Ambassadors assist The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism by making themselves available to share their knowledge of The Islands Of The Bahamas, specifically the ease of flying across the Gulf Stream.

Pilot’s Guide to The Bahamas
Published by AOPA
Frederick, MD


• International and Cross-Border Travel: Bahamas: https://www.aopa.org/go-fly/destinations/international-travel/bahamas-and-caribbean-pilots-guides

• Publishers of the Pilot’s Guides

• Link to Facebook page where Ambassador Fly Ins Events are posted https://www.facebook.com/FlytheIslands/


US-Based Bahamas Flying Ambassadors

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Mr. Terry Spurlock
Sr. Flying Ambassador
Naples, FL
Phone: (239) 595-9820

• Member of the original Fly In group & Founding member of the Flying Ambassador program

• Assisting pilots in first Bahamas trip flight planning

• Knowledgeable on North, Central, and Southern Bahama Destinations

• Leader of the annual Halloween Fly In to Green Turtle

• Flies to Bahamas on BasicMed Certificate

Mr. Steve Nazer

Mr. Steveo1kinevo
Flying Ambassador

• I have been a professional pilot around 11 years

• I currently fly a TBM850, Quest Kodiak, and Cessna Grand Caravans.

• I make Flight VLOGs on Youtube and enjoy sharing the passion of Aviation with others.

• I try to give back to the aviation community as much as I can so be sure to enter into Aviations Greatest Monthly Contest!

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Mr. Mark Steinberg
Sr. Flying Ambassador
Ft. Myers, FL
Phone: (239) 910-2460

• Helping fellow pilots to experience some of the best flying destinations in the world

• Favorites include Cat Island, Long Island, and the Exumas

• Home base Fort Myers with 19 years piloting experience

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Mr. Neil Glazer
Pilot Challenge Flying Ambassador
Lakeland, FL
Phone: (863) 226-1106 x 201

• Planning first time trips

• Vacation Planning, Specializing in Out Island Destinations

• Over Water Flight Supplies & Charts sold through PilotMall.com

Mr. Mike Zidziunas
Experimental, Light Sport Aircraft; Sun N Fun Flying Ambassador
Plant City, FL
Phone: (941) 915-8883

• Organized The Bahamas first Young Eagles Fly Out

• Well versed in LSA and Experimental flying to and in The Bahamas

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Mr. Thierry Pouille
Sr. Flying Tour Ambassador
Jupiter, FL
Phone: (561) 841-1551

• Assistance with eAPIS and all flight planning

• Flying to The Islands of The Bahamas since 1984

• Owner of Air Journey and Organizer of the annual Bahamas Treasure Hunts 

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Mr. Rick Gardner
Associate Flying Tour Ambassador Caribbean Sky Tours
Miami, FL
Phone: (786) 206-6147

• Commercial Pilot and CFII/MEI

• Also an avid boater and scuba diver

• AOPA authorized representative for The Bahamas

• Organized Fly Ins, on-line forum, member website through CaribbeanSkyTours.com

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Ms. Terry L. Carbonell
Associate Women Pilot Flying Ambassador
Alva, FL
Phone: (239) 633-0077

• An avid flyer with the 99s and Air Race Classis

• Enjoys introducing ladies to the thrills of flying in The Bahamas

• “I’d rather be scuba diving or flying”

• Favorite Island: Andros

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Mr. Brad Elliott
Flying Ambassador
Thermal, CA
Phone: (407) 401-4525

• Customs, eAPIS, US & Bahamas Documents Assistance

• Survival Gear Requirements, Rental, and Purchase

• Planning and Destination Recommendations

• Corporate and Business Jet Information

• Skilled in Offerings in the Northern Islands: Grand Bahamas, Berry, Abaco, Eleuthera, and Exuma Islands

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Mr. Guillaume Fabry
Air Journey
Flying Tour Ambassador
Jupiter, FL
Phone: (561) 841-1551

• Customs, eAPIS, US & Bahamas Documents Assistance

• Planning and Destination reservations for individual and group private pilot flying

• Annual Bahamas Treasure Hunts


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Mr. Mike Punziano
Flying Ambassador - Flight School
Pembroke Pines, FL
Phone: (954) 966-3335

• North Perry Central FBO

• Pilot Training

• Florida Aero Club

Mr. Anthony "Tony" Restaino
Flying Ambassador - Flying Club
Pembroke Pines, FL
Phone: (954) 558-4914

• Florida Aero Club State President

• 35 years piloting experience




Scott Cameron
Flying Ambassador - Flying Club
Naples, Florida
Phone: 239-253-7000

One of my first cross country flights was to West End, Grand Bahama Island.

That was in 1976 and the spark continues today.

My wife and I fly to the out islands multiple times per year fly fish for “the bonz” and, yes, some Bahamian rum..

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