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7 must-have Bahamian-made items for your destination wedding welcome bag
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Nassau & Paradise Island

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Every bride planning a destination wedding knows a cute and practical welcome bag for her guests is non-negotiable. The destination wedding welcome bag is a great way to show appreciation in a small way to your guests who have traveled to witness and be a part of a significant day in your life. This small gesture helps to set the right tone for all the wonderful wedding activities to follow and gives you a great opportunity to introduce them to the Bahamian culture in the form of trinkets, treats and treasures. Keep reading to get some tips on how to delight your guests with rich Bahamian culture as soon as they land on the island.

Hand sanitizer

If there's one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance of keeping our hands clean! If hand sanitizers weren’t on your welcome bag radar before, they are more than likely going to be a must-have item at any gathering going forward. Luckily, the John Watling's Distillery, a super-premium spirits manufacturer located in Nassau, branched out during the pandemic and started manufacturing hand sanitizers to meet a very crucial need. With all the social gatherings happening around your special day or wedding week, dropping one of these in your guests’ welcome bag will ensure they stay safe during their stay.

johnwatlings handsanitizer

PC: John Watling’s Distillery

Face masks

If you’re getting married in 2021, face masks are still going to be required for your guests as they move around the island. Why not give them a locally-made, hand-made mask? Androsia Hand Made Batik is a vibrant art form that originated on the beach in Andros in the late 1960s. This unique fabric is hand-painted with wax and dyed with bright colors. It includes an array of playful and vibrant textiles stamped with Bahamian-inspired designs, and it’s considered to be the unofficial fabric of The Bahamas. It’s the perfect item for your welcome bag; it’s reusable, and it will remind your guests of the Bahamas for years to come.


Mints and local treats

From Benny cake to individual servings of Guava Duff, adding a sweet treat in your welcome bag is sure to make your guests smile. The Bahamian sweet treat scene is rich with local goodies for all palates. The Bahamas is also home to Mortimer Candies, a local family-owned candy manufacturer that's been around since 1928 and are famous for their one-of-a-kind Mortimer Green Mints. They sell candies, fudge, and other traditional Bahamian treats in all the colors of the rainbow, so whatever your wedding theme or color is, your guests will surely be happy with these.

mortimers candies bahamian flag colors

PC: Mortimer Candies

Bahamian Straw fans

Having your wedding on a tropical island usually means you’re opting for warmer weather, especially in the summer. Help your guests stay cool with an authentic Bahamian-made straw fan. “Straw” refers to the dried leaves of a variety of palms and plants that grow wild in The Bahamas, such as coconut trees, the silver palm and the sisal plant. Once the dried leaves are woven or plaited using various patterns to create several products such as bags, hats, and mats, the straw becomes “straw work”. Straw work is one of the most popular and historically rich forms of artwork done in The Bahamas, so this item is sure to add a special touch to your Bahamian-themed welcome bag. Visit the Nassau Straw Market to get a look at a wide range of straw work made on the island.

craft cottage

PC: The Craft Cottage

Local apparel

If you’re hanging out in The Bahamas for a while, you’re sure to hear a few words and phrases quite frequently. The Bahamian dialect is spoken throughout The Bahamas, with each island giving it its own spin, and nothing really says “keepsake” like a “BEY” or “MUDDASICK” t-shirt or cap. Not only will your guests look stylish, but also, they’ll carry The Bahamas close to their hearts! Local small businesses such as “iisabahamianbey” have a variety of Bahamian-themed apparel from which to choose.



Local beverages

Whether it's the famous Bahamian Switcha, a can of Goombay Punch or a bottle of Kalik Radler, adding a refreshing Bahamian beverage to your welcome bags will give your guests a taste of the island and help them to stay cool.


PC: www.uncommoncaribbean.com

Bahamian-made hot sauces

Add a little spice to your welcome bag. One thing that’s true about the island is that Bahamians know all about keeping it spicy! Share the flavor of The Bahamas with your guests, and add some of the best locally made hot sauces and pepper jellies to your welcome bag. With so many options on the market, you really can’t go wrong. You’ll be supporting a local business as well. Win-win!

bee in the bahamas sauces

Image: bee in the bahamas sauces

With so many Bahamian options to choose from, making your welcome bags should be a fun and exciting way to spread some Bahamian culture and joy amongst your guests. We’re sure they won’t be able to get enough!