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The only thing that would have made a reunion between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore even more perfect is if it took place on our beautiful islands!

Just imagine you and your new spouse basking in the glistening sun, swimming in the crystal clear, turquoise waters (so beautiful they’re marveled at from space), or laying on our soft white (or pink) sand beaches. Now what would make this even more perfect? If you guessed having your children and family enjoying these activities (and more) with the two of you, then you’re correct.

Familymoons. The concept is pretty simple. Family plus honeymoon. This family could be your children or other relatives. I know what you might be thinking “Family on a romantic honeymoon?!” Nowadays almost everything is possible. Want your children to have unique, lifelong memories with your new spouse?  Why not take them to experience the world-famous swimming pigs? It’s the perfect avenue for bonding. Want an opportunity to spend time with your new mother-in-law in a stress free environment? Book a girl's day at any of our world-renowned spas, and enjoy a massage on one of our picturesque beaches. What about that brother that you really want your spouse to like? You’d be amazed what bonds can be made over sport fishing and an ice cold Kalik—the official beer of The Bahamas. Then there’s that father-in-law who you haven’t quite had the opportunity to do an activity with (that you BOTH enjoy). How does exploring Nassau, which was once the capital of piracy sound? You can even eat your way through the city by way of one of our many food tours. Who doesn’t like eating delicious food and sipping on some tropical drinks? Or, if that doesn’t float your boat, we have the Caribbean’s largest casino. I’m sure the two of you can find some way to spend some time together and win big!

There is something for all of you to enjoy in the Islands of The Bahamas. There are adrenaline-filled activities like parasailing, kayaking, and swimming with stingrays, dolphins, and even sharks (for the more adventurous members of the family). Then there are our calm, beautiful waters perfect for swimmers who haven’t quite reached the Michael Phelps level of daring. There are spas and shopping for those looking for a more relaxing day, and of course there are a plethora of restaurants that offer unique, authentic Bahamian dishes. There are many family-friendly resorts in our Family of Islands like Valentine’s Beach Resort and the Atlantis—just to name a few. Your kids will adore the waterparks at Atlantis, and if you want some alone time, drop them off at the Kid’s Club. Once you hear about the activities that await them here, you’ll wish you were a kid again. There are also options for your babies that aren’t babies anymore like the teenage clubs.

That’s the family aspect, but where does the honeymoon come in? That’s simple. Have you ever heard of the concept that “It takes a village to raise a child”? Well, luckily, your village will be with you! Have fun during the day with your family, snorkeling, eating, going on tours, whatever you may like, but when it comes down to the evenings, how does a romantic sunset dinner sound? That is a quintessential honeymoon activity! What makes it even better is you and your love enjoying it on one of the many beautiful Bahamian beaches with great Bahamian food and music. Speaking of Bahamian foods, go ahead and enjoy some of our delicacies, like conch (pronounced konk). We love conch here in The Bahamas and prepare it in numerous ways- from chowder to fritters to burgers and the list goes on. Might I add that conch is said to be an aphrodisiac?  So you’ve had your wonderful candlelight dinner with your love, then what’s next? If you’re in Nassau, check out a nightclub, but since we’re talking about a romantic getaway, why not a romantic stroll along the beach? You can do all this peacefully knowing that your children are in capable hands. If your family doesn’t join you, our child care facilities and kids clubs will happily entertain your children for the evening.

The beauty of The Bahamas is that we have 700 islands and cays. We can offer you a mini vacation within your vacation. Take a romantic getaway to another island. They’re easily accessible by either plane or fast ferry. Have a full day excursion or maybe spend the night. Take a day trip on the Bahamas Ferries to Harbour Island and experience the most beautiful pink sand beaches and arguably, the best coffee in the world. Spend the night in Harbour Island, or on the main island of Eleuthera, at the French Leave Resort. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed about a romantic getaway with your significant other. Fly to Long Island, home of the world’s deepest blue hole. Relax on the beach, chat with the locals or sip on a Bahama Mama—the choice is all yours. Have a new spouse that golfs as much as he breathes? Join him at the Abaco Club at Winding Bay! Who wouldn’t enjoy a relaxing day of pampering and then a romantic sunset dinner with your significant other? 

The amazing thing about The Bahamas is that there are so many islands and experiences to choose from. Island hop from one to the other. The archipelago is a playground at your fingertips. Inter-island travel is a breeze, so your family is never too far away. You really get the best of both worlds in our multi destination paradise—fun in the sun with your family, and sultry summer nights with your new spouse.

With activities for the young and old, The Bahamas is the perfect location for your familymoon. Don’t leave behind your loved ones after your wedding but bring them along to start your new lives together with adventure. An adventure, that I might add, is better in The Bahamas.