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Five Times that Martin Luther King Jr. Reminded You that It's Better in The Bahamas

Bimini is a tiny island just 50 miles east of Miami. It's small but it's filled with great accolades including the fact that author Ernest Hemingway lived on the island and Martin Luther King retreated to the island for seclusion. Like MLK, you can experience perfect tranquility on the island. Whether you're laying on an untouched beach or enjoying the views from the rooftop of Resorts world Bimini. 

Here are five times MLK reminded us that It's Better in The Bahamas.

  • April 3, 1968: A day before he was assassinated MLK delivered the powerful sanitation workers speech "I've Been to the Mountaintop." He had written this speech in Bimini, The Bahamas in local islander and renowned bone-fishing guide, Ansil Saunders' boat while deep in the Bimini mangroves.
  • While on a boat ride on Bonefish Creek with Ansil Saunders, MLK exclaimed that Bimini was so peaceful and close to nature that only God could have created such a place.

  • On his first trip to Bimini, MLK checked into the Big Game Fishing Club and stayed in Cottage 3. It was there, poolside and in Ansil's boats where he would spend time working on his speeches. To this day, guests travel to Bimini and request Cottage 3.

  • It is said that MLK prepared for his death on his last visit to Bimini, while writing the Sanitation speech he also wrote part of his eulogy in Sander's boat once again. Surrounded by thick bushes and trees where 100 species of fish and marine life fill the murky waters, he became one with nature and ultimately prepared for what was next.
  • Because of his impact on the islands, a bust of MLK was erected in the mangroves where he worked on his speeches. Visitors that visit Bimini flock to this statue and sit for hours enjoying the stillness of the area. The bust is a constant reminder to all who visit that even MLK knew It's Better in The Bahamas.