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I Found The Best Pineapple Tart In The World

Eleuthera & Harbour Island

So a major priority is to ensure that I'm never hungry, or worse, hangry.

With that being said, being a traveling foodie is an amazing experience. There is always something to try, something to add to your list of things to attempt to make when you get home. My recent addition would be pineapple tart. Not just any pineapple tart, but pineapple tart from Gregory Town, Eleuthera.

While in Gregory Town recently, I was told that there was only one place I could find the best pineapple tart. "Go up the road, take a left, and next to the tree." There I would find Monica's Dis N' Dat. On a previous visit to Eleuthera I was given the exact same instructions; "go to Monica's." As the name suggests you can get anything at Monica's, you can get a little bit of dis and a little bit of dat. I was simply there for the tarts.

As a certified island girl, I have eaten a lot of tarts in my life—coconut tart, apple tart, pineapple tart, just to name a few. So when I tell you that Monica's tarts were a life changer, believe me. It changed my life.

It was the best pineapple tart that I have ever tasted. Fresh pineapples stewed down to make a rich filling combined with a soft and flaky tart. Ermagggad!

A major must!