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Jet Packing

But I must admit jet packing was more thrilling than it was terrifying!

I signed up with Jet Link Adventures on Goodman’s Bay. It was particularly hot on the day of my adventure so I was looking forward to getting into the water.

When my friends and I arrived  at the beach we met the owner, Lincoln and jetpack operator, Ken, who gave us a live demonstration.  He soared about 15 feet above the water and at one point, released the controls and stretched his arms wide as if he was the king of the world.

It seemed easy enough but just to be sure, I let my friends go ahead of me. Both of them struggled to stay above the water for the first few minutes before they got the hang of it. Before long, it was my turn.

Ken strapped me in the jet pack and he gave me instructions again. My stomach fluttered as I pictured myself falling face first.

Ken walked with me until it I was shoulder deep in the water.  Then he signaled for the guy on the jet ski to start the engine.  My jetpack was connected to the jet ski by a long hose. Once the jet ski is moving, it pushes the water through the hose, which in turn, comes out through the jet pack.

I pressed down slightly on the handles, which drove me forward.  Initially, I moved slowly. Within a few seconds I began to ascend. Soon my feet were completely out of the water. I was flying, like a boss!

I pushed the right control down slightly so that I could face my friends. I was triumphant. Smiling widely, I waved my fingers and squealed.

Emboldened by my prowess, I went higher and made another turn. Before long I felt myself falling forward. I yanked back on the controls and avoided the embarrassing and funny face plant that both of my friends suffered. After another 10 thrilling minutes, my ride came to an end. The jet ski operator slowly weaned the power and I landed face first in the water and rolled on my back.

The jet pack is a floatation device so I stared at the sun until Kyle pulled me to the shore.

In those 15 minutes, jet packing became my favorite water sport.

Jet Link Adventures also has flyboards. That’ll be my next adventure!