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Nassau's Most Insta-Worthy Street Art Murals

Nassau & Paradise Island

A picture for the gram is all the hype. Everyone wants the perfect angle, taken in front of pastel houses, beautiful beaches and beautiful art. If you're looking to step up your Instagram game, you're in luck, as The Bahamas has the perfect ingredients for that perfect shot.

There was once a time that graffiti was frowned upon, but today it's appreciated as beautiful art and as a result, great Instagram content. If you're looking for something fun and unique to do, you may want to start a mural crawl with a few Kaliks (a Bahamian beer favorite), using our suggestions.

Take this journey with us, be sure to pack a selfie stick, a camera, a smart phone and a partner to take all your lovely shots.

1. White Crown Pigeon by Avenii Johnson - The LOL Pose
If you're looking for a day well spent, the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas (NAGB) is certainly the place to go. You will no doubt wander inside and outside of the gallery, all day. But before you get inside, you will be enthralled by the murals that are waiting on you to keep their company. If you position yourself directly in the middle of the birds, place one hand in your hair and give a beautiful laugh (pretend as if someone made a corny joke, and it's so bad that it's funny), you'll achieve the LOL pose, perfectly. Of course, instruct your photographer to capture the full mural along with your pose.

2. Once Upon a Time by Angelika Wallace-Whitfield - One Foot Forward Pose
By now, you should know this pose by heart, it makes you look smaller and if done correctly, it also makes your legs look longer and it'll be perfect in front of Angelika's mural. If you stop at John Watlings Distillery, which should always be on your bucket-list when visiting Nassau, the mural is at the end of the street, on your left, if you’re standing just outside John Watlings.

3. Mermaid at the Blue Hole by Richardo Barrett - The Adventurous Shot
Nestled comfortably on the grounds of the Marriot Courtyard, this mural is divided into two parts, one which you can pose directly in front of and the other which you have to hop a wall to do an adventurous shot. This is one of our personal favorites as it's the best shot to let all your friends know you're in The Bahamas kickin' it. Whether you choose to stretch on the wall or let your legs dangle, this mural by Richardo features some of the best of what we offer, in the most colorful way.

4. Our Ocean, Our Future by Dylan Rapillard and Dede Brown - Down in Front
There is a way to capture our beautiful marine life without diving in the water, but I totally recommend taking a swim in our waters, even if it's indeed short. But if you've done that and still can't get enough, I recommend grabbing a seat in front of the Our Ocean, Our Future mural. But make it quick, this mural is on West Hill Street, opposite the NAGB which tends to be particularly busy, so your camera person must be as swift as you to avoid any accidents.

5. Intimate and Formal by June Collie - Sideways Glance
You can never go wrong with a Sideways Glance, it's literally your BFF but a Sideways Glance and this colorful mural by June collie will go hand in hand. Not only will you be eyeing a beautiful mural but your friends will be insanely jealous that your street art is better than theirs because it was shot in The Bahamas.