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National Proposal Day
Where to Pop the Question – Bahamian Style

Are You Planning to Pop The Question?

A true love story always needs a romantic setting, and what better place than  The Islands of The Bahamas to pop the question. With 16 unique islands, the possibilities for a picture-perfect proposal are endless.

Everybody dreams of the day when they are asked the four magical words – Will You Marry Me? To help you pull off an unforgettable proposal that your partner will love forever, here are a few of our favourite spots for bending on one knee.  Make the proposal as intimate, original or over-the-top as you would like.

  1. Pink Sand Beach, Harbour Island

Picture an intimate scenario where pink sunsets meet pink sand. An intimate fantasy for many  - your reality on soft pink sands in Harbour Island. Be whisked away by the vibrant colours Harbour Island has to offer. Couples can enjoy a long walk or horseback riding on the world-famous Pink Sand Beaches at sunset.

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  1. Secluded Sandbars, Exuma

Indulge in privacy and romance on one of the many secluded sandbars in Exuma. You and your dream mate will be surrounded by crystal-clear waters and powdery white sand beaches. The sandbar is a perfect spot for an intimate beach proposal.

4 bmot exumas

  1. Candy-Striped Lighthouse, Abaco

Abaco is a boater's paradise. For many, their love affair with The Bahamas starts with our beautiful waters and a sailing escapade, and what better way to highlight that than a proposal at sea or at the top of the Candy-Striped Lighthouse in Hope Town, Abaco. If that’s not enough, sail around the harbour at sunset for a romantic evening perfectly paired with culinary delights.

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  1. Mount Alvernia Hermitage, Cat Island

Watch the sun rise over lush vegetation and turquoise clear waters at the highest point (206 ft. above sea level) in The Bahamas. The Hermitage was built by a Roman Catholic priest with local hand carved stones. Resembling a small medieval monastery, it sits on the peak of Como Hill (Mount Alvernia). A Higher Love and yes – the perfect backdrop of an entire island below, say “Yes”, when the proposal is given.  

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  1. The Cloisters, Paradise Island

This majestic and picturesque location has captured the hearts of lovers all around the world. An ode to French architecture, the marble columns are erected in a tranquil green landscape that leads to the beautiful Bahamian turquoise waters. The Cloisters is a spectacle of beauty and romance – a dream place, another perfect spot to pop the question.

 59 bmot nassau

  1. Garden of the Groves, Freeport, Grand Bahama

The Garden of The Groves –  a true paradise for lovers who enjoy being one with nature. Be immersed in nature’s paradise when asking your significant other for their hand in marriage. Surrounded by tropical flora and fauna, the Garden of the Groves is the ideal place for a marriage proposal.

 99 bmot freeport

Contact our team  at romance@bahamas.com to find out more about romantic and beautiful proposals in The Bahamas.