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Only in the Abacos: Unique Shopping Experiences in Marsh Harbour

The Abacos

After you’ve climbed all the way to the top of Elbow Cay’s famous lighthouse, head back to the downtown area of Marsh Harbour via ferry or your own boat and explore the hidden gems the capital of Abaco has to offer.

Iggy Biggy: This incredibly chic boutique is located opposite the Conch Inn, on Marsh Harbour’s tourist strip. Nestled comfortably in a mini-plaza, the store’s exterior gives no hint as to what you can expect inside. The interior tells a different story; it’s a neatly packed store that fulfils every shopper's dream. On one side, there’s clothing for men and women ranging from swimsuits to blouses. On the other side, there’s house décor with an island flair, and in the corner is a space dedicated to Bahamian souvenirs and gems that tell the story of Abaco. Iggy Biggy is an Abaco staple that has been around since the 90s. With another location in Hope Town, it’s easy to understand why. The only similarity the two locations share is the name, as both stores sell very different products.

Bay Street, Marsh Harbour. (242) 367 – 3596

Monkey’s Uncle: With such a quirky name, the interior of the store doesn’t disappoint. Monkey’s Uncle is the brainchild of two sisters who had a desire for the name of their store to be unique. Monkey Uncle is a very popular saying, which is uttered as an exclamation to express surprise or amazement. When the two sisters were brainstorming on names for their store, they didn’t want a name that had Abaco or Marsh Harbour in it or someone’s name that implied the store was for one person, therefore, they opted for a name that reflected their childhood and came up with Monkey’s Uncle. Much like its name, the store is unique, selling branded items such as Monkey Cheese, pepper sauces, oils, scrubs, infused salt from Inagua and many other items. The store also specializes in local crafts, such as artwork from Abaco artist, Bahama Dawn, and Bahama Handprints; condiments, home décor and souvenir shirts. There’s something for everyone at this store, and even better, 60 per cent of proceeds from sales is donated to Abilities Unlimited, which is a sheltered workshop for adults with disabilities.
Queen Elizabeth Dr, Marsh Harbour. (242) 367-3223

Sand Dollar Shoppe: With the closure of John Bull in Abaco, visitors are often looking for some place to purchase jewelry. Look no further than the Sand Dollar Shoppe as inside you will find Abaco Gold. The two names can confuse anyone, but the Sand Dollar has its own jewelry line and most customers know them as Abaco Gold, but the name Sand Dollar represents the souvenir part of the store. Abaco Gold creates and manufactures original pieces, all in white and 14k gold. These pieces generally depict sea life. The method starts with a design being hand carved in wax, then the design is turned into the jewelry piece of choice (ring or necklace) by casting it with gold, a process which is called lost-wax casting. The wax sculpture is lost in the casting process, which is where the name is derived. In its place are the finished products, exquisite pieces produced in house by Abaco Gold. Sand Dollar is a resort wear store that carries some of the most beautiful, elegant accessories. The store pays homage to the island life that surrounds Abaco in the most sophisticated way. Also, look out for the paintings by local artists. You will absolutely want one of those beautiful pieces to greet your guests back home.
Bay Street, Marsh Harbour. (242) 367 – 2442

How to Rack up Savings: Shopping in The Bahamas is easier than it has ever been with Global Blue tax-free shopping. Global Blue gives you savings on the purchases you make at over 100 stores throughout The Bahamas. It allows you to spend a minimum of $25 USD and save up to 7 per cent of the purchase price. The process is simple: keep an eye out for stores that display the Global Blue Tax-Free Shopping signage in the window and when you’re paying for purchases ask for a VAT OFF form. Remember to always travel with identification because that’s the only way to save.

However, to be eligible for Global Blue, you must be a non-Bahamian resident or a visitor leaving The Bahamas within 45 days, and must not have held employment in The Bahamas in the last six months. 

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