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Sip N' Paint


When we arrived at the studio, there were two groups of friends gathered; one celebrating a birthday, and another just looking for something cool to do. A blank canvas, a plate with various colors of paint, two brushes, and a cup of water were set out in front of each stool. Our names were scribbled in chalk in front of our seats. On the wall behind us were several simple and intricate paintings.

Just off to the side of the side of the gallery was a bar. My husband, the perfect gentleman, got our wine as we waited for the class to start. A few minutes later the owner of the studio, Gennyne, stood at the front with her own blank canvas. She told us we were going to paint a pineapple.

First we mixed orange and white paint and slathered the entire canvas with the shade of peach we’d created. Both my husband and I excelled at that task. Next we had to draw the outline of the pineapple. I drew a large oval, but my husband, well, he must have thought we were painting a strawberry. His outline resembled a rounded triangle.

It was hilarious.

Next, Gennyne showed us how to draw the crown of the pineapple. I wasn’t happy with mine, the leaves were too wide. However, when I glanced at my husband’s depiction, I instantly felt better. When Gennyne saw his interpretation of the crown, she attempted to fix it but then reminded us about her disclaimer: she wasn’t a miracle worker.

It took us about another hour to finish our pineapples.

Surprisingly, my husband was able to turn things around. His painting turned out okay. Both now hang on our bedroom walls.

The date, like Bahamian pineapples, turned out to be quite sweet.