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Straw by Storr

On your visit to the beautiful Islands of The Bahamas, its always a great idea to take a piece of paradise back home with you. After you’ve enjoyed everything, from our delectable cuisine to our breathtaking beaches, it’s time to pick out those uniquely Bahamian souvenirs that will remind you and your loved ones how special The Bahamas really is. The best way to do this is to gift your friends and family back home with a fashionable authentically Bahamian souvenir.  

When it comes to a genuine Bahamian memento, Marvin Storr has crafted the perfect Bahamian accessory, and he has achieved this by integrating Bahamian straw craft into the design of   practical everyday sneakers. This special brand of Bahamian styled sneakers is marketed under the company “Iland Straw by Storr. The design is created by sewing an exquisite straw pattern over a durable pair of comfortable sneakers. The straw is sourced from Long Island, an island in the southern Bahamas that is renowned for its straw artisans.  

These sneakers are also great for locals who want to represent The Bahamas locally or even on a global stage. Marvin Storr, who is the creator of Iland Shoes, started this labor of love in 2016 and has gained recognition for this unique style over the past five years.  

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I had the amazing opportunity to interview Mr. Storr to understand the background of his company, what drives him within the fashion industry and to get a personal look at those beautiful sneakers.                                                                 
AC: What influenced you to incorporate straw work into your sneakers? 

MS: The shoes were incorporated into the straw. I wanted my converse covered with straw. Such a product simply didn’t exist, so you know what I did? I made it myself. That’s how it all got started.  

AC: What do you want Bahamians to know about your shoe line?  

MS: Iland stands for I live and not doubt.  When I first came up with the concept of straw sneakers, I was told it was not possible, and here we are today. 

AC: What encouraged you to get into the fashion industry?  

MS: Both fashion and art found me. I just wanted to create a Bahamian product that the guests could continue using long after their vacation in The Bahamas 

AC: What kind of straw do you use? 

MS: We use the silver top for most of our shoes.  

AC: How long does the process take to get your finished product, and what is your favorite part about making these shoes? 

MS: It takes about four hours to complete one pair. My favorite part when making a pair of iland sneakers is the breaking down of a converse and the process of making it unique to The Bahamas. 

AC: Where can we purchase a pair of Iland sneakers 

MS: You can find me on Facebook at ilandstorr, email: strawbystorr@gmail.com, and my personal contact number is 1-242-424-1260. My signature sneakers can be purchased at Graycliff in Nassau. 

Every pair of sneakers is made to order, with the option of your personalized details. 

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