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The Top Ceviches In Nassau That Aren't Conch


In The Bahamas, we pride ourselves on authentic cuisine with seafood being the staple of it all. Although the origins of ceviche are widely disputed, it’s mostly attributed to Peru. Here in The Islands Of The Bahamas (TIOTB) while we pay homage to the flavors of Southeast Asia and Central and South America, we always put our Bahamian spin on this refreshing yet flavorful dish.

We tried endless amount of ceviche from all around Nassau to give you this list. While we want to remain as fair as possible, it’s important to note that we didn’t get to all the restaurants. If there’s a ceviche you think should be included on this list, let us know! Here is my list for the top ceviche in Nassau.

Nikkei (located in the Meliá) – It’s funny we just mentioned that ceviche is attributed to Peru because this ceviche from Nikkei is ceviche Peru style. The name says it all, as it’s the Peruvian Ceviche. The standout component of this ceviche is the tiger’s milk also known in Spanish as leche de tigre which is a Peruvian term for the citrus-based marinade that cures the seafood in ceviche. It’s a milky liquid that is usually left over from marinating raw fish; some chefs discard it while others use it to their advantage, like Nikkei. Also, very delightful were the slices of sweet potato that garnish the dish, which after biting into the citrusy ceviche, cleanse your palate, immediately.

Katsuya (located in Baha Mar) – Katsuya’s ceviche is just how one would imagine it to be, with a flawless presentation to seal the deal. It’s especially flavorful, with an abundance of flavors, offering a new flavor with every bite. If completely blending your meal is more of your thing, it is still delectable. An authentic satisfaction for the palate.

Social House – Between you and me, I only go to Social House for the Hamachi Ceviche even though I love most things on the menu. Bias aside, the creativity and the ingredients won me over with this ceviche; it manages to have all my favorite ingredients combined to give a powerful yet refreshing flavor. Laced with yellowtail, avocado, pico de gallo, and sesame ponzu, it’s a nice balance between the citrus and the kick of spice from the jalapeño making it the perfect dish. Not to mention the prawn crackers it’s served with, which adds another dimension to this tasty dish.

The Palms (located in Baha Mar) –  The ceviche here is refreshing and light like the Palms Restaurant. A key ingredient stands out, however — cilantro. It’s not too overpowering as cilantro can be but it’s evenly added to give a simple yet bold taste. Served with tortilla chips, this dish is simplicity in a bowl.

Señor Frogs –Preparation table side with some of the freshest ingredients separates this ceviche from the ordinary ceviche. This ceviche is a classic Caribbean twist on this dish with lots of essences including cilantro, peppers and orange juice. Be careful to mix this dish as the blend of lime and peppers can easily overpower the taste of the fish. The tortilla chips make a welcoming addition to an intense dish.

Cilantro (located in Baha Mar) – Similar to the goal of Cilantro, the Grouper Green Ceviche takes customers on an epicurean journey with the different flavors and textures in its unique ceviche. Layered with thin slices of cucumber and beets, this dish is prepared in a Mazatlán style with diced grouper and shrimp. Unlike most run-of-the-mill ceviches, however, this is topped with a tasty green sauce that consists of fresh herbs, lime and peppers.

Luciano’s: This ceviche made with bay scallops and shrimp pays homage to the Bahamian conch salad while remaining true to the foundations of ceviche. The goat pepper, the diced onion, the tomato and the orange and lime juices all fuse to create a tangy yet bold essence.