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The Ultimate Coffee Shop Bucket List Every Coffee Lover Must Try

Nassau & Paradise Island

Luckily for you, when you travel to Nassau you won't have to be the 167838th tourist sitting outside a Starbucks hoping to catch Wi-Fi as we have a great selection of coffeehouses that aren't your standard franchise shops but offer the same amenities with a little flavor of their own.

Of course, we recommend visiting them all as they all offer something unique but if you can't fit them all in one trip, of course, you're welcome to come back until you've checked them all off your list.

1. Louis & Steen’s - 809 West Bay Street
The only authentic Creole and Cajun Coffeehouse in Nassau, it exudes love from the second you walk in the doors to the second you leave with a cup of amazing coffee. Three generations came together to preserve the legacy of Louis and Earnestine (aka Steen) and in doing so became a staple of the community.
Go Because: Coffee shouldn't be just coffee in The Bahamas; you're in one of the most beautiful places in the world, why shouldn't you be able to bask in the beauty of the country while enjoying a great cup of coffee? Louis & Steen’s provides an authenticity with a beautiful sea view and its architecture perfectly complements the Nawlins and Bahamian flavor. From its slow-brewing coffee to the famous gumbo, Louis & Steen’s is truly one of a kind.

2. Café Channing Noelle - Caves Village, West Bay Street
Inspired by the famous Shimmer and Sparkle, Café Channing Noelle is a Parisian themed coffee shop that has all the right ingredients to help you be awesome for the rest of the day. The Café also sells Starbucks products for those who are attached to the brand itself but that is the only thing they share with the major franchise.
Go Because: Good vibes are everything. Café Channing Noelle is a quaint yet intimate coffeehouse with the finest macarons shipped directly from France. They also have the best tiramisu in the west and to top it off, they serve a full balanced lunch every day.

3. Café Madeleine– Grand Hyatt, Baha Mar
Café Madeleine meets island charm with this French patisserie tucked neatly away in Baha Mar. Recognized for its captivating décor, this coffeehouse serves up traditional French pastries, house-made gelato, sorbets and amazing New Zealand coffee.
Go Because: You can’t check out of Baha Mar and leave Nassau without first trying Café Madeleine; your experience will simply be incomplete. Also, if it’s true that vacation calories don’t count, while you’re admiring the amazing latte art, stock up on the almond croissants. There are no words to describe the delectable journey your taste buds are about to encounter.

4.  Gregory’s Mediterranean Delights – 4 George Street
One of Downtown Nassau’s gems, Gregory’s is actually a Greek franchise that serves wonderful lunches for the bargain eater along with a wide selection of coffees, cappuccinos, expressos, frozitos and delicious fruit smoothies in warm environs.
Go Because: It doesn’t get more affordable than Gregory’s when you’ve stepped foot in Nassau for the first time and you’re wandering and wondering what an eventful town such as Nassau has to offer. It’s quaint, intimate and has amazingly good coffee. 

5. The Coffee Bar at the Island House – Mahogany Hill, Nassau
Everything at Island House is amazing, whether it’s coffee, lunch or brunch – you can’t beat a visit to Island House. When you arrive at the Island House, you realize quickly that you’re not at an average touristy spot; it’s upscale, swanky and tucked away from the rest of the island. The Coffee Bar at the Island House has a soulful vibe combined with a pleasant reception and it’s truly all the hype.
Go Because: You’re in The Bahamas and you want to see more than just downtown but you’re also in the mood for an eclectic vibe, good coffee and a good value for your money.