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Things to Know When Visiting The Bahamas After Dorian

 Here are a few things to know before you travel across 100,000 square miles of the world’s clearest water.

Q: Were The Bahamas destroyed by Hurricane Dorian?
A: No, after Hurricane Dorian, 2 islands (The Abacos and Freeport) are currently rebuilding. However, 14 other islands were completely unaffected and are welcoming travellers.

Q: Did the hurricane hit Nassau? 
A: No, Hurricane Dorian had zero effect on Nassau & Paradise Island, The Bahamas capital.

Q: What islands can I visit in The Bahamas?
A: Good news - there is plenty to choose from! Today, the islands welcoming visitors are Nassau & Paradise Island, Eleuthera & Harbour Island, Acklins & Crooked Island, The Exumas, Bimini, Andros, The Berry Islands, Cat Island, Long Island, Rum Cay, San Salvador, Inagua, and Mayaguana.

Q: If Freeport and The Abacos are rebuilding, does that affect my travel plans to Nassau?
A: Absolutely not. The distance between The Abacos and Nassau is over 90 miles. That’s similar to the distance between New York and Philadelphia, and Freeport is even farther.

Q: How are The Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian?
A: Fortunately, 14 of our islands were completely unaffected by the hurricane and remain among the world’s top vacation destinations.

Q: How long does it take to travel from the northernmost island to the southernmost island in The Bahamas?
A: It all depends on your method of transport. The distance from our southernmost island of Inagua to The Abacos and Freeport is approximately 500 miles. Think the distance and amount of time it would take to get from South Florida to South Carolina.

Q: How can I help The Bahamas?
A: The best way to help The Bahamas is to continue travelling to The Bahamas. 

Q: Is it safe to travel to The Bahamas?
A: Yes. The vast majority of The Bahamas (14 islands) were completely unaffected by the storm; their hotels, resorts, restaurants, and attractions continue to welcome travellers from around the world.

Q: Are the swimming pigs okay?
A: Yes! The world-famous swimming pigs on Major Cay in The Exumas are healthy and happy. Thankfully, The Exumas is one of 14 islands that were not damaged during Hurricane Dorian.

Q: Are airports in The Bahamas open for travel? Are there delays?
A:Yes, airports on the 14 islands welcoming travellers are open. Click here to see the list of open airports, the ones in red are currently closed.