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Top 10 Things To Do In Nassau


Downtown, Nassau is the commercial heartbeat of The Bahamas where one can purchase from the world famous straw market, see historical landmarks and taste great Bahamian cuisine. But if you’re the adventurous type, you must visit these top ten places for the best of Nassau:

1. Junkanoo Beach

The perfect picture of ocean blues and white sand, Junkanoo Beach is named after the country’s most famous street festival – Junkanoo. Located just minutes away from downtown Nassau, it is a favourite among cruise ship passengers and locals alike. You can also purchase delectable Bahamian food and drinks while diving in clear blue waters.

2.Government House

Take a walk to Duke St. and you can't miss the colonial styled mansion atop Mount Fitzwilliam. The pink and white building named 'Government House' is the official residence of the Governor General of The Bahamas.

3. Queen’s Staircase

The Queen’s Staircase is popular because of its rich history. Also known as the 66 steps, the limestone staircase was created by slaves over the course of 16 years. Standing at 102 feet, the stairwell gave soldiers easy access to the nearby fort in case of an attack.

4. Arawak Cay

Hungry? Well there’s no better place to get a bite of delicious authentic Bahamian food than Arawak Cay also known as the Fish Fry. There you can get the best of Bahamian seafood including the native delicacy conch. Thirsty for more? Try some sky juice or a Bahama Mama.

5. Nassau Straw Market

The world famous Straw Market is usually a stop for many tourists. There you can find the best in straw handbags and other Bahamian made products.

6. Ardastra Gardens

Born to be wild? Take a walk on the wild side with a visit to Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre. Hand feed the rainbow Lory Parrots, get a close-up with the Bahamian boa constrictor and don't dare miss the majestic marching flamingoes!

7. Houses of Parliament

The pink and white building located at the center of downtown Nassau was constructed by the Loyalists in 1815. Parliament Square is where you will find a collection of government buildings including the House of Assembly, The Senate, Supreme Court and also a statue of Queen Victoria.

8. John Watling’s Distillery

Enjoy a complimentary tour at the historic Buena Vista Estate while on your way to John Watling's Distillery. Named after a popular pirate, the distillery is where you can find handcrafted Bahamian rum.

9. Fort Charlotte

Named after King George III's wife, Queen Saharia Charlotte, Fort Charlotte consists of not one but three fortifications! It is the most impressive fort in the city and features a dry moat and a wooden bridge, dungeons, underground passageways and 42 cannons!

10. Water Tower

Want to see panoramic views of Nassau? Just make a trek atop Bennett's Hill, to The Water Tower. Standing at 126 feet approximately 216 feet above sea level, The Water Tower was built in 1928 to maintain water pressure in the town of Nassau.

These sites are just some of the best places to visit in Nassau, Bahamas but the island of New Providence has so much more to offer. An adventure is waiting.

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