Entering The Bahamas

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Private pilots will need:

  • Three (3) copies of the C7A download Bahamas Cruising Permit form)
  • One (1) Bahamas Immigration Card per person
  • Proof of Citizenship—Passport

Download a welcome message from the Comptroller of Customs

Outward Bound From United States

  1. File a Flight Plan (DVFR or IFR).

  2. File an eAPIS manifest outbound (we recommend doing the inbound at the same time).

  3. Must have a Coast Guard-approved life jacket for each person on board.

  4. Activate Flight Plan before leaving Florida. Radio frequencies:

- Palm Beach 122.40 - Miami/Fort Lauderdale 122.20 - Fort Pierce 122.55

  1. Prior to landing, close your flight plan with Nassau radio on 124.2 or 128.00. In order to close you may call 1-800-WXBRIEF or Nassau 1-242-377-7176. You can also use the blue phone at your disposal at your airport of entry free of charge.

  2. Must land at an airport of entry (AOE) to clear customs and immigration.

  3. Need to turn in 3 copies of the C7A download form) general declaration form as well as a Bahamas immigration card—1 per person.

  4. Customs Processing Fee: $50.00 per Aircraft, Inward only. (Please ensure all pilots complete a C7A form. This is the fee for Private aircrafts-defined by Bahamas Customs.)

  5. If you fly VFR, you can contact Miami Flight Service for flight following and issuing a discreet squawk code. Frequencies are:

- Fort Pierce 132.25 - Palm Beach area 124.6 - Fort Lauderdale Executive 128.6 - Fort Lauderdale International 125.7, 133.85, 134.6

  1. Close VFR Flight Plan.


  1. Flight plan filing: Call 1-800-WXBRIEF and file your flight plan over the phone. Computer-based systems are also valid such as www.fltplan.com.

  2. File the eAPIS manifest. Before filing the eAPIS manifest, you need to enroll in the eAPIS manifest program.

  3. Navigate the eAPIS program to enter pilot and crew information as well as airplane information. This needs to be done ahead of time but at least one hour prior to departure. You need to submit a notice of departure.

  4. You do NOT need to depart from a US Airport of Entry (AOE).

  5. Close the flight plan.

  6. Clear Bahamian customs.

See also the US Customs Requirements

Leaving The Bahamas

Private pilots will need:

  • One (1) copy of The Bahamas Customs General Declaration Outward Form (C7) download PDF
  • To turn in The Bahamas Immigration card copy
  • To file a flight plan
  • To call and advise US Customs of your ETA via a land line and get “code” from Custom Officer US Customs contact info

All persons six years and older leaving The Islands Of The Bahamas must pay a Government Departure Tax of $29.00.

Inward Bound To United States

  1. File eAPIS manifest.
    You need to file the eAPIS manifest to return to US at least one hour prior to departure. This can be done one day or many weeks ahead of time. See attached index for more details.

  2. You must depart from an Airport of Entry (AOE).

  3. File one copy of The Bahamas Customs (C7 PDF and turn in The Bahamas immigration carbon copy.

  4. Pay departure tax of $29 per person.

  5. Call and advise US Customs of your ETA via a land line and get “code” from the Customs Officer.

  6. File an International Flight Plan (242-377-7116 or 1-800-WX-BRIEF). If in the air, call Nassau Radio on 124.2, 128.0.

  7. Activate your flight plan with Nassau on 124.2, 128.0 (Nassau Radio) or 122.3 (Freeport Radio). If you are unable to do this, activate with Miami Radio 126.7, 126.9 or 118.4. In Bimini, activate your flight plan on 122.1 (Miami Remote no voice) or listen to Bimini VOR 116.7.

  8. VFR flights must receive a discrete transponder code from FSS 126.7 (Miami Radio) before penetrating the ADIZ zone. Flight Service is responsible, not Approach Control.

  9. Prior to landing, close your flight plan on 126.7. If you are not able to, close at Customs office with 1-800-WX-BRIEF.

  10. You must land at an Airport of Entry on the East Coast.

  11. Take all baggage out of airplane and proceed directly to Customs.

  12. Prepare the necessary documents, US Arrival Report (pilots only) and Customs Declaration cards (1 per family). Please fill out in advance if possible.

See also the US Customs Requirements

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