Thursday, Oct. 31, 2019 to Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019

"The Bahamas Shoot 2019" is a 3D and Target archery tournament with competition divisions for archers of all skill levels, pros and beginners alike.

The playing field is leveled by allowing beginners to shoot with beginners, pros to shoot with pros and everyone else between to shoot with
like skilled archers. The format of the tournament is Archery Shooters Association - ASA rules for 3D archery and National Field Archery Association - NFAA 
rules for field archery.

The various archery styles will be classed together including Barebow, Crossbow, Olympic Recurve, and Compound archery. This is an all known distance tournament 
with 3D shooting classes including:
- Open Known Pro
- Open Known 50
- Known 45 - Open
- Men's Known 40
- Barebow Men (Known)
- Women's Known 40 - Open
- Women's Known 45 - Open

Field Competition Divisions include:
Adult, Junior and Professional:
Freestyle Limited
Freestyle Limited Recurve

Pirates Cove Waterpark & Zipline
Freeport GB
Contact Information:
Mr. Antonio Abraham
(242) 426-8307

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The information or details for this event may change at any given time and The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, or The Government of The Bahamas, will not be held liable for any decisions made based upon it.