To Enter The Islands of The Bahamas Private Pilots need:

a) Three (3) copies of the C7A Bahamas Cruising Permit form 

b) One (1) Bahamas Immigration Card per person

c) Proof of Citizenship -  Passport

d) Clearance from last port if not arriving from the U.S.A.

Private Pilots visiting The Islands Of The Bahamas should expect the following:

The Following Landing fee will be apply:-

Aircraft Weight (lbs)


Up to 4,000


4,001 – 6,000


6,001 – 14,000


14,001 – 34,000


34,001 – 59,000


59,001 and more


A Processing Fee– Each aircraft is charged a $50 processing Fee to Bahamas Customs.

*No Overtime Customs & Immigration Fee -for private aircraft visiting The Islands Of The Bahamas where the pilot declares that he/she does not receive any remuneration and the flight is for recreational purposes.

No Transire (C38)is needed for private pilot, cruising through The Islands Of The Bahamas for pleasure (a copy of the C7A will suffice.)

The Following Parking fee will be apply:-

Take-off Weight (lbs)

Fees per day

0 - 6,000


6,001 – 10,000


10,001 – 20,000


20,001 – 50,000


50,001 – 100,000


100,001 – 200,000


200,001 – 300,000


300,001 and more


Flight Plan must be filed- activate prior to entering The Islands Of The Bahamas and close after landing.  When leaving The Islands Of The 

Bahamas it is mandatory to file a new flight plan. This does not exempt charges by FBO's if their facilities are being occupied

The Bahamas Welcomes FAA’s BasicMed:-

Bahamas and FAA’s BasicMed Certification under 14 CFR Part 68 for pilots flying to/from and within The Bahamas, Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority has granted approval.  The Bahamas continues is legacy of assuring easy access and a warm welcome for GA guests. Pilots flying with a BasicMed certificate are welcome in The Bahamas. 

LSA: Light Sport Aircraft:-

As of 2013 LSAs may operate in The Bahamas. US Sport Pilots under US FAR 61, Subpart J must meet the following requirements to operate in The Islands of The Bahamas. Hold a current and valid US driver’s license or a minimum of a third class medical certificate; operate within the requirements of the Sport Pilot privileges and limitations listed in US FAR 1.315. Logbook endorsements certifying: the pilot is proficient in accordance with US FAR 61.325 (a), (b), and (c); and authorized to perform cross country flight (US FAR 61.93). 

Experimental Aircraft:- 

A Standardized Validation was approved August 2nd, 2003 for Experimental, for the purpose of operating a US or Canadian registered amateur-build aircraft in Bahamian airspace. 

Seaplane Operation – A request must be forward onto The Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority for approval. 

MYNN Air Space Flight Plan Requirement 

MYNN - Entering Nassau airspace you need a flight plan (even if island hopping). Call Nassau Radio on 128.0 if you have not previously filed. They will give you the squawk code as well even if you have filed the flight plan prior.

To Leave The Islands Of The Bahamas Private Pilots Need:

a) One copy of The Bahamas Customs General Declaration Outward Form (C7)

b) To turn in The Bahamas Immigration card copy 

c) To file a flight plan and eAPIS

Call and advise U.S. Customs of your ETA via a land line and get “code” from Customs Officer

All persons leaving The Islands Of The Bahamas, pay a  Government Departure Tax of  $29.00. 

                                                                  Bahamas Customs

Bahamas Immigration

Bahamas Airport Authority

Bahamas Ministry Of Tourism

                                                                        For further information, please call 1-800-327-7678


**Information Subject To Change**