Items for sale at the Androsia Factory in Andros

Andros is known for its signature straw craft available in most settlements, particularly Red Bays and the Fresh Creek area. The basket-weave items created by residents of Red Bays, passed down from the Seminole Indians who migrated there from Florida, are not found anywhere else in The Bahamas. But the island’s signature product is Androsia—a colorful, locally made batik that originated in Andros and is now the national fabric of The Bahamas. Other unique authentically Bahamian craft items can be found in outlets throughout the island and directly from individual artisans involved in the cottage industry. You can take home freshly harvested sponges, wood carvings of miniature racing sloops, and other distinctive collectibles like dolls, housewares, and jewelry made from coconut shells, coconut "leather", fish scales, and seashells.