The crisscross cuts and channels that split Andros into sections form a kaleidoscope of water activities that never ceases to astonish. Escorted kayak tours are a wonderful introduction to the island’s ecosystems, or you can choose to go off on your own. Routes are along the white-sand beaches, where you can explore the mangroves and stop at uninhabited cays. Snorkeling is a way for visitors of all ages to experience the incredible marine life here. You can swim above underground caves, or into “The Crack” at Tiamo, a deep water-filled fault line. You'll feel like you’re flying through the Grand Canyon, only very different: it’s filled with fish. Other sites include Central Park, with acres of corals and three stands of Elkhorn in less than 15 feet of water; China Point, where you will see sergeant majors, blue tangs and triggerfish; and Goat Cay, which has lots of turtle grass for hunting sea biscuits and sand dollars.