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Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is known for its endless miles of unspoiled, soft, powdery, blush-rose sand beach, considered to be one of the most magnificent beaches in The Islands of The Bahamas, and some say it even rivals Harbour Island's Pink Sand Beach. This hidden gem teeters at the southernmost point of Eleuthera, on the Atlantic side of the island. It is nestled in the bosom of a massive rock structure behind some sand dunes. It is very unique because you can play in two bodies of water almost simultaneously, the Exuma Sound (Caribbean Sea) and the Atlantic Ocean. The beach on the Caribbean Sea has several hidden caves and offers good shelling and great snorkeling just a walk off the beach. The Atlantic beach offers great vistas, including Half Moon Cay.

It is also a great place to sunbathe or pack a picnic basket and spend an entire romantic afternoon or sunset stroll with your significant other. You will have the seclusion of an enclosed cove, as well as the adventure of climbing up to the old lighthouse located on a dramatic limestone promontory overlooking the ocean. If you want a photo taken in the lighthouse, be sure to stand at the window and it will be naturally framed. If you decide to camp out for the night, the rock structure provides great protection from the elements.

The path to Lighthouse Beach is somewhat difficult, but the payoff is well worth it.

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