I was 250 feet in the air with nothing solid under my feet. I was strapped into a harness attached to a parachute. The parachute was connected to a boat.  

It was my first parasailing experience. 

I booked my experience with JR Water Sports on a Thursday afternoon. I thought the ride would be scary but it was strangely peaceful and the view was breathtaking. I’ve always wanted to do it but hadn’t had the guts to take the plunge, or in this case, take flight.

I was greeting by a laughing general manager at Goodman’s Bay Beach. Before my excursion, I had to sign a waiver that the attendant jokingly told me meant that if I died I’d get my money back and a free t-shirt (at least I think he was joking).

The general manager took me to the excursion boat on a jet ski as the boat couldn’t come to shore to get me.

The captain of the boat introduced himself as Action. The name fit him—he was a hoot. He immediately put me at east by cracking a few hilarious (and wildly inappropriate) jokes. I was accompanied by a friend and three older women. I watched as they took turns going in the air. As they floated closer to the clouds, Action sped up.

When it was my turn, my friend and I flew tandem. We were both slightly petrified and so decided to conquer our fear together.

After Action strapped us into the harness, we sat at the edge of the boat. As the boat moved faster, we began to ascend.

Parasailing in The Bahamas

About three minutes into the ride, we got to 25 feet. We could see lush greenery, pastel colored houses and the several smaller islands and cays, including Paradise Island. But the best view was of the water. The water was several shades of blue. It was beautiful. I could see fish swimming at the bottom of the ocean.

When it was time to bring us down, Action dipped us into the water, while threatening to feed us to the sharks. The water was so crystal clear we had absolutely zero fear that we would be fish food.

Parasailing in The Bahamas

The cool water hit my face. It felt good. We were in the water for a few seconds before Action took us up again.

Shortly after our dip, our ride ended. We landed on our feet on the boat. Our landing was just as smooth as the take off.

After sharing a few more funny stories, Action returned us to the beach. There are so many adventures to be had in The Bahamas, that I'll be working on my bucket list for a while. One down, 49 to go!