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Is there a cost to participate in the People-To-People Experience?

No, it’s free—thanks in part to the generosity of our ambassadors and the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism. The Tea Party held at Government House is available to all guests visiting the islands. For further details, contact the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.

How much advance notice is required?

Two weeks. However, we try our best to accommodate last-minute requests as well.

Are your ambassadors screened?

Yes, all of our ambassadors have been carefully screened. We have more than 500 friendly ambassadors who represent a big cross-section of our communities—including small businesses, organizations and even churches. They are volunteers, and are not employed by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism or subsidized in any way.

How are hosts matched with visitors?

It’s based on demographics such as their occupations, interests, hobbies, church affiliations, age and other interests.

Do visitors stay with their host?

No. The primary purpose of our program is to have a one-on-one cultural exchange between visitors and host ambassadors.

Through the program, can we meet other Bahamian children while visiting your country?

Yes. We do arrange school encounters where visiting children can meet and interact with Bahamian children.

Can I contact my host ambassador before arriving in The Bahamas?

Of course. You can communicate with each other via the Web, phone or mail before your arrival.

Is the experience available on The Out Islands?

Yes. The experience is available in The Abacos, North Andros, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera & Harbour Island, The Exumas and Grand Bahama Island.

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