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Stella Maris Resort Club

Stella Maris Resort Club

Long Island Stella Maris Resort Club

  • Price $$ - $$$
  • Bahamian

This resort offers everything from tantalizing menu options suitable for adults and children. Guest can decide to dress up in their best attire or dress down to their most comfortable apparel, doesn't matter the dress code when it's time to dine. Enjoy a variety of dishes, desserts, and appetizers from the menu. If you desire to have something that is not on the menu simply request it and the chef will be able to prepare it. There is also the Stella Maris Moonshine Bar & Grill, minutes away from the resort, they offer menu items, as well as a freshwater pool, playground, and ocean view right on the spot for adults and children looking for extra activities to cool down on a hot day. Reservations required.

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