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Lady Di's Pineapple Farm

Lady Di's Pineapple Farm
Lady Di's Pineapple Farm

Mrs. Diane Thompson or "Lady Di" as she is affectionately called, is known to be one of Eleuthera's finest pineapple farmers. This vivacious and jovial lady finds it a delight in going to the pineapple field daily.
Pineapples have always been Eleuthera's most commonly known produce, and the look of this exotic fruit attracts natives and visitors alike and keep their taste buds yearning for more.
Lady Di continues keeping this tradition alive within her daily routine and encourages all young farmers in Eleuthera to preserve the pineapple that is indigenous to this island and to keep planting.
On many occasions, she is called upon to give pineapple tours and because of her passion for pineapple farming, she gladly accepts.
If you visit when pineapples are in season, you will get a taste while on the farm and agree with many others that her pineapples are the sweetest on the island.

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Mrs. Diane Thompson

Queen's Highway, Gregory Town