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San Salvador Lagoon Tours Bahamas Ltd.

At Lagoon Tours, our friendly guides can take you on a variety of Ecotours designed for the adventurous vacationer seeking a unique island getaway experience: Nature Walks, a Lagoon Tour of Pigeon Creek, a Beach Snorkel Tour, Birdwatching, and an Island Tour. On the Nature Walk, we will teach you about the flora and fauna of The Bahamas, as well as their medicinal uses; you can also explore a labyrinth of exotic caves and their inhabitants. On our worldfamous Lagoon Tour, you will take a boat ride through a lagoon of breathtaking wonder, and see starfish, birds, fish, stingrays, sharks and other wildlife in their natural habitat. The Beach Snorkel Tour takes you to nearby cays, where you can sunbathe on a deserted powdery sand beach and collect beautiful seashells. While Birdwatching, you will learn that San Salvador has some of the rarest bird species, like the Bahama Woodstar and Bananaquit, to name a few, and hopefully add them to your life list. Groups are kept small on all our tours, in order to provide a personalized VIP feeling; there is a minimum of two persons and a maximum of six persons. Please contact us for rates.

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