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Loyalist Memorial Sculpture Garden

This garden, located not far from the Albert Lowe Museum in Green Turtle Cay, is also the brainchild of Alton Lowe, and was built with funds raised by the New Plymouth Historical Society. The garden is a monumental tribute to those who played a significant role in the history of The Abacos, the Loyalists and their slaves, who despite hard times, survived and made a new life in The Bahamas. The garden contains 24 busts of prominent Bahamians (representing different Bahamian islands), surrounding the lifesize bronze figures of two girls, one black, and one white. One child holds a conch shell, an important Bahamian symbol, while the other holds the Union Jack, the flag of Great Britain. Artist James Mastin sculptured the busts and two large figures. The figures represent a new beginning in The Bahamas for the thousands of Loyalists of the American Revolution in 1783.