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Marjorie Wallace

Ragged Island Marjorie Wallace

Mrs. Wallace is known for her straw and shell craft, and she uses the local Androsia batik in her designs for a number of items. Her straw creations include bags, bathroom mats, bedroom sets, kitchen sets, curtains, place mats, and throw cushions. Youll be amazed at the stunning jewelry items that evolve from various types of seashells, fish scales, conch and whelk shells, all types of seeds (known locally as hamburger and horseeye seeds). If youre lucky, youll get to see, and hopefully buy, some jewelry made from very rare gold colored shells that resemble kernels of yellow corn.

While she was born in Nassau, with her relatives hailing from Bering Point, Central Andros, she married a local Ragged Islander and has been living there for more than 30 years. Mrs. Wallace is representative of the artisans to be found throughout the islands in The Bahamas. She uses whatever raw material is at her disposal to create some outstanding decorative household and personal items, including one of a kind custom pieces.

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Taylor Street, Duncan Town

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