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Acklins & Crooked Island Quack Tour Company

Quack Tour Company was founded on April 7, 1990, with a goal of providing a fun and informative tour service on land and sea that could easily be customized to your specific needs.

We offer Cave Tours, many accessible only from the sea, where you can explore numerous interesting rock formations; our Eco-tour will take you to see wild goats hiding among the ruins on Long Cay and flamingos splashing on the southern shore; on our Historical Tour, you'll get to visit old plantations on Crooked Island and Long Cay, built in the early 1600s-1700s, and learn about the way of life during that time; by boat, you can visit the Marine Farm National Park, a British military compound from the 18th century that still has remnants of their occupation: several cannons that have the king's seal, drawings, and other artifacts; we also offer the option to drop anchor and picnic at the Bird Rock Lighthouse, and you will learn why it is important. Full and half-day fishing excursions and snorkeling.

Tour prices start from $150, but can vary, depending on the length, location, and travel distance involved.

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Deangello Kirk Knowles

Cabbage Hill, Crooked Island

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