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Reckley Hill Pond Water Cave

San Salvador Reckley Hill Pond Water Cave

Reckley Hill Pond Water Cave, northeastern San Salvador Island, eastern Bahamas.

San Salvador Island has numerous inland bodies of water. Christopher Columbus remarked upon them during his visit in October 1492. These ponds and lakes can have freshwater, brackish water, hypo saline water, normal marine-salinity water, or hyper saline water. Many of these lakes have aquatic biota quite distinctive from adjacent lakes.

Reckley Hill Pond is a hypo saline to hyper saline lake just southeast of the Bahamas Field Station. Reported water salinities range from 18 to 66 ppt, averaging around 47 ppt (cf. normal marine water at about 35 ppt). I measured 45 ppt salinity here on 24 March 1999.

The above photo shows the entrance to one of three small caves near the southeastern shore of the pond, just northeast of Reckley Hill Pond Conduit (the other two caves are Reckley Hill Pond Maze Cave and Midget Horror Cave). Published research has shown that a small stream flowing through Reckley Hill Pond Water Cave leads to the Reckley Hill Pond Conduit. The cave is hosted in aragonitic calcarenitic eolianite limestones of the Owl's Hole Formation (Middle Pleistocene).

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Reckley Hill

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