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Rum Cay Salt Pond

Rum Cay Rum Cay Salt Pond

A day at the salt pond will give you an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Its protected ecosystem is essentially the nursery of the Bahamas and home to many of the country's marine life. The natural barriers of the salt pond provide a safe area for the young sea creatures to grow before they find their way to the big blue ocean. You can see baby turtles, baby lobsters, baby groupers, and many others.

The therapeutic mud in the salt pond is infused with the natural cleansing salt water from the pristine waters of the Caribbean and offers a detoxifying and invigorating experience. It is akin to the mud therapy used in the most upscale spas around the world as a natural skin exfoliator and healing agent. There are areas where you can jump in and cover yourself in the mud. Then, soak in the warm salt water to rinse and leave with smoother skin and an unparalleled feeling of refreshment.

Paddleboarding, snorkeling, and cave explorations can also be enjoyed here.

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East of Port Nelson

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