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Shark Mound

In 1989, during a flight over East Bimini, a shark shaped mound was noticed in the dense mangrove swamps. In 1990, some scientists and researchers for the GAEA Project, in cooperation with Atlantic University in Virginia, were in Bimini on an orientation tour of the various archeological sites discovered in past years. Armed with aerial photos and maps, they were able to navigate through the channels to the nearest point of the mound. They cut a path through the mangrove swamp to the Shark Mound which is about 500 feet long and 10 feet high or more above the level of the swamp, with hardwood trees and other vegetation growing on it. Around the edge of the shark mound is a sandy beach which outlines the shape.

Several other mounds are nearby - one a rectangular shaped mound, with a projection on one end that looks like a fish hook. Next to it is a cat shaped mound, with a wide open mouth. Some yards away are several other creature shaped mounds.

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