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Terrence Collie

Acklins & Crooked Island Terrence Collie

Terrence Collie offers fullday sightseeing and boating tours, where you can explore everything that magical Acklins has to offer. The snorkeling adventure provides an up close view of sea sponges, ravishing corals, and sea urchins, or you might meet a sea turtle. Terrence is also a Ccertified Bonefishing Guide and can help you catch your very own yellow tail, or snapper, fresh from our Bahamian waters. Its a whole new world under our sea and these are escapades you wont want to miss! Reservations are required.

Full-Day Island Tours - $200.00 / Half Day Island Tours - $100.00 Full Day Bonefishing Tour Guide - $300.00 / Half Day Bonefishing Tour Guide - $150.0

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