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The BEACH Sanctuary at Baha Mar

The BEACH Sanctuary at Baha Mar

"The BEACHSanctuary at Baha Mar is an experience that allows guests to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and wildlife of the Bahamian islands. BEACH is an acronym meaning Baha Mar Ecological Aquatic Conservation Habitat. The heart of Baha Mar's commitment to conservation and wildlife protection, the BEACH Sanctuary is home to eco-inspired themed venues, native Bahamian wildlife and endangered species, and will consist of three distinct habitats: The Marine Sanctuary and Sea Turtle Nesting Beach, the Aviary, and The Flamingo Habitat.

The BEACH Sanctuary is under the direction of Baha Mar Chief Scientist, Vanessa HaleyBenjamin, who is responsible for all wildlife education and conservation initiatives for Baha Mar resort guests, strategic partnerships with environmental organizations, and collaborations with scientific research universities.

The BEACH Sanctuary is home to multiple species of wildlife, including 6 Green Sea Turtles, 1 Hawksbill Sea Turtle, 10 Southern Stingrays, 8 Nurse Sharks, and more than 50 other varieties of reef fish.

Plans for the BEACH Sanctuary include an Aviary as the future home of Bahamian bird species and a Flamingo Habitat featuring 1,600 square feet of dry land and a 1,600 square foot freshwater pool. The habitat will be home to West Indian Flamingos, the national bird of The Bahamas.

The BEACH Sanctuary is positioned to educate guests about local conservation efforts, inspire action to make a difference and turn guests into passionate stewards of the Bahamian environment.

Guests will have the opportunity to participate daily in animal feedings, marine interactions, and tours of the BEACH Sanctuary. They will also be invited to wade into the sanctuary tidal pools to interact with wildlife and meet the rays, turtles and nurse sharks. As programming develops, sanctuary snorkeling will be offered, as well as the ability to snorkel in Baha Mar's eco-reef, right off the coast, and kayak in Hobby Horse Nature Preserve.

Baha Mar's kids club programming is designed to immerse kids in nature and to foster creative growth. Through the Explorer's Badge program, younger nature lovers will utilize all three eco-inspired areas, creating authentic Bahamian experiences through arts & crafts, environmental conservation, fitness, and wellness."