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John PinderParliamentary Secretary of Tourism, Investments & Aviation

Member of Parliament for Central and South Abaco, Mr. John H. W. Pinder, was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation on September 23, 2021. Mr. Pinder is one of seven Parliamentary Secretaries appointed by the Governor General to undertake functions to assist Cabinet Ministers in their respective ministries.

Mr. Pinder is a direct descendant of the first settlers of Hope Town and Cherokee Sound in Abaco. Not only is his heritage deeply nestled in The Bahama Islands, but his heart and passion reside within the community of Great Abaco, where he has been an active member since a young age.

For several years, Mr. Pinder ventured abroad to further his education and broaden his understanding of the world beyond our island paradise. While overseas, he studied International Business & Finance at Florida International University and Schiller University in London, England. He received his Series 3 National Futures & Commodities Broker License and has held different positions in the hospitality industry. These experiences have sharpened Mr. Pinder’s skills in logistics, management, sales and marketing.

Mr. Pinder has since returned home with his wife Karina, two children, Valentina and Astor; two potcakes and a macaw. Whenever time permits, this native son of Abaco can be found engaging in one of his favorite pastimes: sailing modern and traditional sailboats. Parliamentary Secretary John Pinder is the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Member of Parliament elect for Central and South Abaco.

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