Anthem Of The Seas Returns To Port Of Nassau

The Anthem of the Seas returned to the Port of Nassau on February 18 with thousands of tourists.

The ship came after rough seas severely damaged the ship in a storm of the coast of North Carolina recently.

During a small welcome ceremony, the 1,141-foot ship was greeted with the thunderous sounds of Junkanoo music.

Senior Director of Cruise Development Erica Ingraham said the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism was happy to welcome the ship back to the Port of Nassau.

“We were really excited to welcome the Anthem of the Seas after two weeks on dry dock with them having to do repairs. We thought we would welcome them and show them Bahamian hospitality,” she said.

“We had a lot of energy and participation and they were happy to be received by the people of The Bahamas.”

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines fly the Bahamian flag.

Ms. Ingraham said that’s because The Bahamas is the most popular destination for cruise lines.

“It is very beneficial to the economy of The Bahamas. Certainly for the retail sector and the independent Bahamian businesspersons. It is something that we are proud of, something we want to encourage in the cruise sector,” she said.

When the Anthem of the Seas docked in Nassau, it was carrying 4,800 passengers.

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